What is serpentine?

Serpentine is a naturally occurring stone formed at extreme depths in the ocean. It is found both with and without veins. The veining colour pattern varies from distinct strong white to light green.

Where do serpentine mineral notably occur?

Serpentine mineral is found in Val Antigorio, Italy, India, Russia, Switzerland, North Carolina, California, Rhode Island and Canada. In blockable form, it is only found in India and Italy.

What is the difference between granite, marble and serpentine?

Serpentine is often referred to as marble or granite, however it is neither. Serpentine is a different category of stone that is harder and less porous than most types of granites, and at the same time when polished gives sheen and lusture of marble.

Does serpentine stain easily?

As a result of different mineralogy and chemistry, serpentine exhibits greater acid and abrasion resistance than any other stone, and thus does not stain easily.

What are some of the top applications of serpentine?

Serpentine in Lappato finish is a good option for indoors, while in its semi polished and rough finishes – it best fits as outdoor flooring and wall cladding.

What are different kind of serpentine finishes?

Lappato finish, leather finish, bush hammered, sandblasted, brushed and honed. You can know more here.

How well does serpentine complement with its outdoor surroundings?

In its dry state, serpentine displays a neutral grey colour, which blends well with all kinds of outdoor settings.

Is a polished floor recommended for commercial applications?

A polished serpentine stone works well for indoors, as in case of floor tiles, countertops, sinks and wash basins. However, as exterior applications are exposed to direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations, and other elements, rough finishes are preferred to make sure the exterior installations maintain their original look and feel.

Why has honed finish become popular for spas and bathroom applications?

Honed finish creates a soft, matte appearance, which is more suited for calm, comfortable ambience like spas and health clubs

How durable are serpentine driveways and pathways?

Factors such as hardness, low absorption rate and high flexural strength, make serpentine an ideal choice for long-lasting driveways and pathways. Serpentine is better suited for such applications when compared to any other natural stone in the market.

Does serpentine maintenance require extra care?

It is the most maintenance-free stone you can put in your outdoors. In indoor applications, it requires similar care and maintenance as any other natural stone.